For The Glory of Karameikos

The rise of King Stephan

Eliana, Sonya, Damcyan and Goramere are all standing in the Fae Wild ready to be teleported back to Mirros. They go through a portal and are in the same place that they had once been with Goramere amongst the stone pillars, right outside of the city of Mirros. They can see smoke coming from the city. They start to move towards the city. Eliana flies up high to get a birds eye view. The city is destroyed, there are survivors that are working on putting out fires but there aren’t any more fighting going on. The turask is gone. She flies back to the others to inform them of what she saw. As they approached, they could see some of Sonya’s uncles ships in the bay. Eliana flew to the ships to touch base with Blacktooth and his people. She went to the main ship. She landed on the main deck and spoke with the man in charge. She found out that no one knew of Blacktooth’s whereabouts and that Varge, one of his men went ashore to find him. Eliana informed the men that we defeated Nix and she used her dragonic presence and effected everyone. They were all in awe of her. They were amazed at what we had done and toasted to our victory and for all who had fallen. They told Eliana that the energy had changed, the sky was different, they knew something had happened. Eliana told the men that her and her comrades would go ashore and try to find Blacktooth. She told them to stay there and that we would all return after they found him, to celebrate. She left and returned to her party and informed them of all that transpired. They moved towards the city. When in the city, it was very disheveled. Burning, smoldering buildings, smoke bellowing up into the air. It was completely destroyed. They moved towards to castle, where Adrianna was surely hiding in wait. As they approached the castle, there were guards, at what was once a gate. These guards were clothed differently, there was no skeleton armor, it was armor with the sigil of King Stephan on their chests. Sonya approached asking of Ardrianna. They informed us that she was about be executed. A few of the guards lead the party into the castle straight away and to the main ball room where Adrianna was on a platform, kneeling and bound. As the party approached, Eliana exuded her dragonic presence and said, So we meet again Adrianna. Her father, King Stephan was standing before her, holding his sword. Upon our entrance, he came to them, thanking the party for all they had done, for saving him. He hugged each member of the party, one by one, imparting gratitude and love. He told them that Adrianna was about to meet her fate. He walked over to her, sword in hand and sentenced her to death. He cut her head off in one strike, the crowd roared with excitement. King Stephan sat upon the stair, with a heavy energy and the party consoled him with a hand on his back. Mages came forward and wrapped Adrianna’s head and body and took it away. They began to speak at length about all that had happened. He told them of Blacktooth and his unfortunate death. He died bravely in battle. He was trying to save King Stephan but Adriannas minions were too many and he died a heroic death. Sonya requested to be taken to the sight of his death and insisted that Blacktooth have a ceremonial burial at sea. The King agreed to take her there. King Stephan spoke to everyone that though this was a time of sadness due to all the lose, this was also a time of celebration. He instructed everyone to prepare to have a party!! He told everyone to bring any mead, wine or ale they could find and to make haste. Sonya, Eliana and King Stephan all went to the sight of Blacktooths death, the same place that the party had once stopped a ceremony that Tameritie was doing. She was trying to resurrect King Halav in King Stephans body. In the room, there were several people doing work. Someone drawling Blacktooths face, there were people preparing the body and even a bard writing the tales of the events that transpired. It was decided that the burial at sea would happen at dawn at Mirror Bay. They returned to the upcoming festivities. Everyone was arriving with mead, wine, ale and fresh meat. Bards came, including Goramere and began to play music. Goramere told tales through song of all that had happened, while casting spells to bring a calm and happiness to the crowd. The group members spent much time with King Stephan, discussing many things. In the midst of the party, King Stephan made an announcement. He told everyone that he believed in what the Traladarans believed, that they were all equal and they all owned this land. He wanted to rebuild and call this place its original name, Specularum. He did a toast to all who had fallen and the festivities continued. As the night progressed, King Stephan approached Sonya with a proposition. He said he had someone he wanted Sonya to meet. He introduced her a man, named Vallin, Prince Vallin, his son! He told Sonya that he wanted her to marry his son, to join the her homelands of the north with Specularum. Sonya spoke with Vallin at great length, asking first and foremost, if he was for the lands and the people? He told Sonya that he is learning and wanted her to teach him. She is the only remaining heir of Blacktooth and she would make her uncle proud as a strong, woman leader. They spoke most of the evening, getting to know each other. Through the night tales were told of Blacktooth but Sonya, Goremere writing them down. Sonya also spoke to Verge, who knew Blacktooth well and instructed him to inform Goramere of some of this heroic tales. He would not be forgotten. Damcyan was in a corner, trying to reach Flameflicker via her necklace but could only feel her life force but could not communicate with her. As the night progressed on, Damcyan decided that it was time for him to leave this place and go to Galamtre and hope to find Flameflicker. He would watch the burial at sea ceremony, from afar as he was leaving on a horse. Many people got their wines and meads and headed for Mirror Bay for the ceremony. Just before it is to begin, a large silver dragon is seen flying towards the castle. Some people begin to worry and panic but Eliana steps in and informs them that this dragon means no one any harm. That he is Eliana’s father coming to take her home, after the blessed ceremony. The burial begins, the boat holding Blacktooths body is ready, 9 woman board the boat with him and 9 boats circling Blacktooths boat to light it aflame. Sonya placed a silver rod in the boat with her uncle and a piece of blue dragon scale on his chest. Everyone (1500 people) raised their glasses in honor of Einar Blacktooth. As the boat is lit, Sonya said words, “As he would want, as he would do, Einar Blacktooth, Valhala bound.” She, and many of Blacktooths finest men pushed to burning boat out to sea. The 9 burning maidens, never made a sound…
3 Months Later:
Eliana is in the Fae Wild, in labor and about to give birth. Agronak and Tom are both right there with her. Eliana is in labor for 23 hours. It’s a girl!! Eliana gives birth to a beautiful baby girl! She has human feet, nubs where her horns will one day be and even marking on her back, where she will sprout wings like her mother in time. Eliana named her Piper. Tome and Eliana spoke of what to do. She suggested that, since it was her dream to go and learn more of her blood line, that she would take Piper with her to where her father resides and would learn all that they could. And when Piper was older, she could come stay with the Satyr and learn about this part of her heritage. Tome agreed that this would be best.
Damcyan arrives in Galantry. Damcyan finds the thieves guild.
Sonya stayed in Specularum. They are rebuilding this great land. Men from the North are now living there and helping to rebuild, the north has happily joined them. She and Vallin were married and they are now King and Queen of Specularum.



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