For The Glory of Karameikos

Decisions, Decisions

Sonja, Damcyan and Eliana were sitting in an alley way, healing and catching up with all that has happened. Temerity found the three and told them that it was of the upmost importance that they go now, out of the city and get the phylactery as far away from where they were as possible. They followed her quickly through the city and to the gates. There were four horses waiting for them. They rode the horses quickly, following Temerity weaving back and forth through the forest, until they came upon a clearing with stone pillars in a circle. Temerity told us that we were where we needed to be. She whistled and from behind one of the pillars they see Gormir the Narrator. Gormir told them that he felt that they should give him the phylactery to take to another realm of existence. He and Temerity both explained that the phylactery can not stay in this in this realm. Gormir told them that he would sacrifice himself and take the phylactery to the Fay Wild. Gormir would meet with Lemoril in the Fay Wild to place the phylactery in his safe keeping. The party discussed their options: go with Gormir and try to return to the time They came from (10 years prior) or if they should attack Adriana. While discussing these matters Gormir was playing his lute which bestowed upon all the party members a D12 to be added to one roll, they all feel euphoric. The discussion continued but before a decision could be made, they saw one of the storm giants running away from Mirros. Eliana saw her father, Agranak flying away from the fray. Eliana communicated with him, asking if he was ok. He replied that he was ok but as far as the battle was concerned, all was lost. Agranak had gathered all the people he could and was fleeing. Then moments later the ground began to shake. Shafts of light sprung up from the ground and the party was surrounded by these lights. Temerity told the party that the lights were Nyx’s clerics and that we needed to get out of here. Gormir started to play and enchanted tune and asked for the phylactery. Eliana gave it to him and he placed it inside his lute. As he continued the ritual he yelled for us to decide if we wanted to come to the Fay Wild or if we wanted to stay, in or out of the circle he cried. The party stayed in the circle and were all taken to the Fay Wild.

Straight away, they saw Lemoril, the Satyr, eating grapes and mushrooms. They all remember each other and talked for a bit. They all discussed the phylactery, Gormir handed it to Lemoril, who places it in his bag. Lemoril then lead the party to his encampment. As they approached, they saw many satyr’s eating, drinking, dancing and having a great time. They all sit down upon rocks and stumps and enjoy some food and drink. After a while, Lemoril explains to them that he would like them to meet someone special. He takes the party around to a different area to meet their leader, the great one, Tomn Gninix. They communicate with Tomn for some time, learning about each other. They discussed what they should do next. Tomn told them they could do whatever they wanted to do and in any time or place. He pulled our a very large hour glass and pulled a grain of sand from it, telling us that this would take us to anytime and any place they wanted to go. The party discussed at great length what they should do. At first Tomn was a bit arrogant and holier than thou, he didn’t seem to care for the members of the party very much. But as they communicated more, he learned that we had the bone of Axulor and realized that they were apart of the prophecy and then became more interested in helping us. Sonja asked if we would be able to fashion a sword out of this bone to help us to slay Adriana. Tomn told them that he could make this sword but only if each member of the party sacrificed a bone in their body to contribute to the sword and its power. He told them that this sword would be a bone sword of God slaying. During the discussions, one of the options was to go kill Nyx herself, instead of slaying Adriana, to go to the source of all this evil. If they sacrificed themselves, their bones, they would have the tool needed to rid the universe of this evil. The party agreed and everyone gave Tomn a bone. Sonya gave a rib (which affected her constitution, -3), Damcyan gave his index finger (which affected his dexterity, -4), Eliana gave her left index finger (which affected her dexterity, -2 and spells must be rolled for, if get one, magical surge), Gormir gave his index finger (which affected his ability to play music), and Temerity gave her horns (unknown effect). Tomn, possibly a demi-god) generated the sword magically and instantaneously, containing all of their bones and the bone of the axulor. The God slaying sword was born. The sword was bestowed upon Sonja!

Tomn spoke with Eliana and gave her a jewel of the Satyr that will teleport the party to where ever they want to go. He said to return the sword when we are finished killing Nix, it needs to stay safe with them, also, to please return the jewel he said that it has a mind of its own so don’t take too long. Tomn introduced them to Talfus, the druid satyr, who gave us healing potions and potions of regeneration. (Each party member got 5 healing potions and 1 regeneration potion, including Gormir and Temerity).

After all the details were figured out, it was time to relax. We ate, drank and spent time with this incredible race. Sonja learned some lessons about druidic ways and ended up having sex with Talfus. Eliana spent the evening learning the differences in her spells, since the loss of her finger. She then spent the rest of the evening with Tomn, they ended up having sex and Eliana became pregnant with The Great One’s child. A silver dragon, satyr, demigod.

They enjoyed their evening and plan to head out to kill Nyx very soon.



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