For The Glory of Karameikos

Battle of Nix

Eliana, Damcyan, Sonya, Temerity, and Goramere all finished celebrating and socializing with the Satyr beings. Tomn instructed Eliana how to use the necklace to be teleported. She was told to say the words “Here we go” in the Satyr tongue, for all travelers to be in a 10 foot radius and Eliana to focus on the destination in her mind. Damcyan took a moment to show Tomn the dagger that he has, that Sonya took from the Sand-witch. Tomn told Damcyan that this dagger would be the bane for one of the council of three, he said that the inscription read, “beauty is in the eye.” They all said their goodbyes, Tomn requested that he is able to see his child when it was born. Eliana agreed and said that he shall be apart of his child’s life. The party found a close by clearing, got within a 10 foot radius of each other, Eliana focused on meeting Nix, wherever she was. They all felt as if they lifted off the ground. Once they arrived, they were all surrounded by darkness. They were on a large platform, shrouded in darkness. They could see that they were in a dome and there were many deathly creatures flying about, outside this dome. They could not see any other creatures inside the dome with them. A stair case ascended from the far side, into darkness. They could not see what was at the top of the stairs but assumed that this is where Nix was sitting upon her throne. As they approached, Nix responded to them, she was gracefully sitting upon her throne, wearing a black gown. She told them that they should get on with it, to let the battle begin. Sonya tried to parlay with her, to come to an agreement or arrangement, it was not successful. Nix then introduced the party to the council of three. Out of nowhere creatures started to appear, 13 death knights, 13 dracolyche, and 13 beholders. The death knights lined the bottom of the stairs, the beholders seemed connected and were surrounding Nix, to protect her, and the dracolyche were flying all around the area. It was an intimidating sight. Eliana attacked Nix, with a lightning bolt spell. This spell did not effect Nix the way it was intended. Nix seemed to become more powerful and started to grow, she was 20 feet high, she laughed at the party. Sonya ran forward, into the death knights, intending to climb the stairs and get to Nix as soon as possible. Sonya roared at the death knights, causing damage to one, but the other two that were there as well, attacked Sonya and throw her backwards. The party was seriously under attack, the battle ensued. Damcyan worked his way towards Nix. Temerity was attacked by dracolyches and fell to the ground. Eliana was attacked by three dracolyche, they killed her. She was on the ground, bleeding. Sonya came to Eliana’s aid and poured healing potions down her throat. Eliana revived. She gave Sonya the iron flask and flew straight up into the air to avoid another dracolyche attack, she was chased by the three dracolyche. Eliana rolled well and was able to dodge the three but it was a very close race and the dracolyches were on her tail. Grammar was actively slaying one death knight after another. Sonya, iron flask in hand, headed straight for Nix. The beholders were creating black, sharp shards all around Nix to protect her. Damcyan went for the beholders. He was able to stab one in the eye with the special Sand-witch dagger. The beholder exploded!! The other beholders came apart from their circle but were still alive and still providing protection to Nix. Sonya tried to put Nix into the flask but uttering the correct words but Nix just laughed and informed Sonya that she can not use an item made by the Gods, on a God. Sonya then pulled out the God Slaying Sword and tried repeatedly to attack. She was not able to hit her. Sonya was killed by Nix, she lay bleeding and dead on the stairs, the God Slaying sword on the ground as well. Damcyan was being attacked by dracolyches and beholders. He was fighting strong and was able to resist their spells. Eliana was being chased by three dracolyches, she became invisible (greater invisibility) and was able to evade them. Eliana was safe while invisible and was able to attack and kill the three pursuing her. Nix laughed loudly and sent out a spell of fear upon the remaining members of the party. Damcyan was filled with fear and was cursed by Nix to be a drunkard. He was now compelled to drink obsessively when around alcohol. Eliana was also filled with fear and was cursed to be overcome with the feeling that there are bugs crawling under her skin (must roll percentile daily, if 50 or below, will scratch incessantly and cause scarring for that day). Eliana’s unborn child was also cursed with night terrors. These night terrors are so bad that the child will have a low constitution due to lack of sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Temerity was also effected by the fear curse. Once the three recovered from the fear, the battle continued. Temerity pulls out a sword and cuts off her own arm, she approaches Sonya’s dead body, pulls off the magical arm of Andor (the Solar) and put it on her own body. She then cried out for Andor. Andor came flying out of the arm and joined the battle. Andor and Eliana worked together to kill the dracolyches. Damcyan grabbed the God Slaying sword and attacked Nix repeatedly, but was not able to hit her. Temerity flew directly into Nix face and did her best to distract Nix, giving Damcyan an advantage when attacking her with the God Slaying sword. Goramere, after killing all of the death knights, grabbed Sonya’s body and disappeared. After helping Andor for some time, Eliana decided that she would go for the remaining beholders, that may still be providing Nix protection. She flew up high and attacked three beholders. In the mist of the battle Nix had fallen, Temerity and Damcyan continued to attack, to no avail. Nix rose to her spike like feet and attacked Damcyan with her sharp foot. He was impaled and died. Temerity grabbed the God Slaying sword and attacked, missing a few times but then was able to roll a natural 20 and plunged the God Slaying sword into the heart of Nix! Nix began to implode. Everything was being sucked into the implosion. All the remaining dracolyches and beholders, all went into Nix. Damcyan almost fell into to void but Eliana was able to grab hold of his lifeless body. Unfortunately, Temerity and the God Slaying sword were pulled into the imploding Goddess. Moments later Nix exploded, decorating the darkness with stars. Darkness surrounded Eliana and Damcyan. Andor came and placed his wings around Damcyan and Eliana for an hour, Eliana crying and mourning her dear friend, praying and begging for his resurrection.
Sonya awakens, to find Goramere standing over her and sweeting profusely. He told her that she had died in battle against Nix but he was able to bring her back. Sonya was eager to join the others in battle. Goramere informed her that they were just inside of a tower, of magical making, to hide them from the fray and that she just had to exit to door to return to the battle. Sonya opened the door to find it quiet. She could see figures down on the ground and darkness all around, stars in the distance. She approached the figures to see Eliana crying over Damcyan’s dead body and Andor protecting them in his wings. Eliana jumped to her feet when she saw Sonya, crying that she was alive. Goramere told Eliana how he was able to resurrect Sonya and that he may be able to help Damcyan but needed to rest first. He asked Eliana to keep Damcyans body cold with a chill spell and that he would rest a while. Everyone moved back into Goramere’s tower and rested, Eliana keeping Damcyan cold and ready for the hard work ahead. Goramere woke and began working on Damcyan. The ceremony took an hour, the party watched in aww. Goramere was able to resurrect Damcyan. The party decided it was best to go back to the Fay Wild as soon as possible. They thanked Andor for all of his help, they told him that they are at his services if he should ever need us. They said their goodbyes to Andor and then came together to be teleported to the Fay Wild. Eliana focusing on the Fay Wild, the party rose into the air. In moments they were back in the Fay Wild, Tomn standing before them. He said that the party did great work, that everything is different. He said that we killed a God and that Nix would be in limbo for a millennia or more. Eliana asked if all the curses placed upon by Nix had been removed. He eased her worries that all had been lifted upon the death of Nix and that the baby was healthy. Eliana returned the necklace to Tomn and they discussed the next step of their journey. The party must return to Mirros and deal with Adriana and restore Miros to its glory once more.



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