For The Glory of Karameikos

The rise of King Stephan

Eliana, Sonya, Damcyan and Goramere are all standing in the Fae Wild ready to be teleported back to Mirros. They go through a portal and are in the same place that they had once been with Goramere amongst the stone pillars, right outside of the city of Mirros. They can see smoke coming from the city. They start to move towards the city. Eliana flies up high to get a birds eye view. The city is destroyed, there are survivors that are working on putting out fires but there aren’t any more fighting going on. The turask is gone. She flies back to the others to inform them of what she saw. As they approached, they could see some of Sonya’s uncles ships in the bay. Eliana flew to the ships to touch base with Blacktooth and his people. She went to the main ship. She landed on the main deck and spoke with the man in charge. She found out that no one knew of Blacktooth’s whereabouts and that Varge, one of his men went ashore to find him. Eliana informed the men that we defeated Nix and she used her dragonic presence and effected everyone. They were all in awe of her. They were amazed at what we had done and toasted to our victory and for all who had fallen. They told Eliana that the energy had changed, the sky was different, they knew something had happened. Eliana told the men that her and her comrades would go ashore and try to find Blacktooth. She told them to stay there and that we would all return after they found him, to celebrate. She left and returned to her party and informed them of all that transpired. They moved towards the city. When in the city, it was very disheveled. Burning, smoldering buildings, smoke bellowing up into the air. It was completely destroyed. They moved towards to castle, where Adrianna was surely hiding in wait. As they approached the castle, there were guards, at what was once a gate. These guards were clothed differently, there was no skeleton armor, it was armor with the sigil of King Stephan on their chests. Sonya approached asking of Ardrianna. They informed us that she was about be executed. A few of the guards lead the party into the castle straight away and to the main ball room where Adrianna was on a platform, kneeling and bound. As the party approached, Eliana exuded her dragonic presence and said, So we meet again Adrianna. Her father, King Stephan was standing before her, holding his sword. Upon our entrance, he came to them, thanking the party for all they had done, for saving him. He hugged each member of the party, one by one, imparting gratitude and love. He told them that Adrianna was about to meet her fate. He walked over to her, sword in hand and sentenced her to death. He cut her head off in one strike, the crowd roared with excitement. King Stephan sat upon the stair, with a heavy energy and the party consoled him with a hand on his back. Mages came forward and wrapped Adrianna’s head and body and took it away. They began to speak at length about all that had happened. He told them of Blacktooth and his unfortunate death. He died bravely in battle. He was trying to save King Stephan but Adriannas minions were too many and he died a heroic death. Sonya requested to be taken to the sight of his death and insisted that Blacktooth have a ceremonial burial at sea. The King agreed to take her there. King Stephan spoke to everyone that though this was a time of sadness due to all the lose, this was also a time of celebration. He instructed everyone to prepare to have a party!! He told everyone to bring any mead, wine or ale they could find and to make haste. Sonya, Eliana and King Stephan all went to the sight of Blacktooths death, the same place that the party had once stopped a ceremony that Tameritie was doing. She was trying to resurrect King Halav in King Stephans body. In the room, there were several people doing work. Someone drawling Blacktooths face, there were people preparing the body and even a bard writing the tales of the events that transpired. It was decided that the burial at sea would happen at dawn at Mirror Bay. They returned to the upcoming festivities. Everyone was arriving with mead, wine, ale and fresh meat. Bards came, including Goramere and began to play music. Goramere told tales through song of all that had happened, while casting spells to bring a calm and happiness to the crowd. The group members spent much time with King Stephan, discussing many things. In the midst of the party, King Stephan made an announcement. He told everyone that he believed in what the Traladarans believed, that they were all equal and they all owned this land. He wanted to rebuild and call this place its original name, Specularum. He did a toast to all who had fallen and the festivities continued. As the night progressed, King Stephan approached Sonya with a proposition. He said he had someone he wanted Sonya to meet. He introduced her a man, named Vallin, Prince Vallin, his son! He told Sonya that he wanted her to marry his son, to join the her homelands of the north with Specularum. Sonya spoke with Vallin at great length, asking first and foremost, if he was for the lands and the people? He told Sonya that he is learning and wanted her to teach him. She is the only remaining heir of Blacktooth and she would make her uncle proud as a strong, woman leader. They spoke most of the evening, getting to know each other. Through the night tales were told of Blacktooth but Sonya, Goremere writing them down. Sonya also spoke to Verge, who knew Blacktooth well and instructed him to inform Goramere of some of this heroic tales. He would not be forgotten. Damcyan was in a corner, trying to reach Flameflicker via her necklace but could only feel her life force but could not communicate with her. As the night progressed on, Damcyan decided that it was time for him to leave this place and go to Galamtre and hope to find Flameflicker. He would watch the burial at sea ceremony, from afar as he was leaving on a horse. Many people got their wines and meads and headed for Mirror Bay for the ceremony. Just before it is to begin, a large silver dragon is seen flying towards the castle. Some people begin to worry and panic but Eliana steps in and informs them that this dragon means no one any harm. That he is Eliana’s father coming to take her home, after the blessed ceremony. The burial begins, the boat holding Blacktooths body is ready, 9 woman board the boat with him and 9 boats circling Blacktooths boat to light it aflame. Sonya placed a silver rod in the boat with her uncle and a piece of blue dragon scale on his chest. Everyone (1500 people) raised their glasses in honor of Einar Blacktooth. As the boat is lit, Sonya said words, “As he would want, as he would do, Einar Blacktooth, Valhala bound.” She, and many of Blacktooths finest men pushed to burning boat out to sea. The 9 burning maidens, never made a sound…
3 Months Later:
Eliana is in the Fae Wild, in labor and about to give birth. Agronak and Tom are both right there with her. Eliana is in labor for 23 hours. It’s a girl!! Eliana gives birth to a beautiful baby girl! She has human feet, nubs where her horns will one day be and even marking on her back, where she will sprout wings like her mother in time. Eliana named her Piper. Tome and Eliana spoke of what to do. She suggested that, since it was her dream to go and learn more of her blood line, that she would take Piper with her to where her father resides and would learn all that they could. And when Piper was older, she could come stay with the Satyr and learn about this part of her heritage. Tome agreed that this would be best.
Damcyan arrives in Galantry. Damcyan finds the thieves guild.
Sonya stayed in Specularum. They are rebuilding this great land. Men from the North are now living there and helping to rebuild, the north has happily joined them. She and Vallin were married and they are now King and Queen of Specularum.

Battle of Nix

Eliana, Damcyan, Sonya, Temerity, and Goramere all finished celebrating and socializing with the Satyr beings. Tomn instructed Eliana how to use the necklace to be teleported. She was told to say the words “Here we go” in the Satyr tongue, for all travelers to be in a 10 foot radius and Eliana to focus on the destination in her mind. Damcyan took a moment to show Tomn the dagger that he has, that Sonya took from the Sand-witch. Tomn told Damcyan that this dagger would be the bane for one of the council of three, he said that the inscription read, “beauty is in the eye.” They all said their goodbyes, Tomn requested that he is able to see his child when it was born. Eliana agreed and said that he shall be apart of his child’s life. The party found a close by clearing, got within a 10 foot radius of each other, Eliana focused on meeting Nix, wherever she was. They all felt as if they lifted off the ground. Once they arrived, they were all surrounded by darkness. They were on a large platform, shrouded in darkness. They could see that they were in a dome and there were many deathly creatures flying about, outside this dome. They could not see any other creatures inside the dome with them. A stair case ascended from the far side, into darkness. They could not see what was at the top of the stairs but assumed that this is where Nix was sitting upon her throne. As they approached, Nix responded to them, she was gracefully sitting upon her throne, wearing a black gown. She told them that they should get on with it, to let the battle begin. Sonya tried to parlay with her, to come to an agreement or arrangement, it was not successful. Nix then introduced the party to the council of three. Out of nowhere creatures started to appear, 13 death knights, 13 dracolyche, and 13 beholders. The death knights lined the bottom of the stairs, the beholders seemed connected and were surrounding Nix, to protect her, and the dracolyche were flying all around the area. It was an intimidating sight. Eliana attacked Nix, with a lightning bolt spell. This spell did not effect Nix the way it was intended. Nix seemed to become more powerful and started to grow, she was 20 feet high, she laughed at the party. Sonya ran forward, into the death knights, intending to climb the stairs and get to Nix as soon as possible. Sonya roared at the death knights, causing damage to one, but the other two that were there as well, attacked Sonya and throw her backwards. The party was seriously under attack, the battle ensued. Damcyan worked his way towards Nix. Temerity was attacked by dracolyches and fell to the ground. Eliana was attacked by three dracolyche, they killed her. She was on the ground, bleeding. Sonya came to Eliana’s aid and poured healing potions down her throat. Eliana revived. She gave Sonya the iron flask and flew straight up into the air to avoid another dracolyche attack, she was chased by the three dracolyche. Eliana rolled well and was able to dodge the three but it was a very close race and the dracolyches were on her tail. Grammar was actively slaying one death knight after another. Sonya, iron flask in hand, headed straight for Nix. The beholders were creating black, sharp shards all around Nix to protect her. Damcyan went for the beholders. He was able to stab one in the eye with the special Sand-witch dagger. The beholder exploded!! The other beholders came apart from their circle but were still alive and still providing protection to Nix. Sonya tried to put Nix into the flask but uttering the correct words but Nix just laughed and informed Sonya that she can not use an item made by the Gods, on a God. Sonya then pulled out the God Slaying Sword and tried repeatedly to attack. She was not able to hit her. Sonya was killed by Nix, she lay bleeding and dead on the stairs, the God Slaying sword on the ground as well. Damcyan was being attacked by dracolyches and beholders. He was fighting strong and was able to resist their spells. Eliana was being chased by three dracolyches, she became invisible (greater invisibility) and was able to evade them. Eliana was safe while invisible and was able to attack and kill the three pursuing her. Nix laughed loudly and sent out a spell of fear upon the remaining members of the party. Damcyan was filled with fear and was cursed by Nix to be a drunkard. He was now compelled to drink obsessively when around alcohol. Eliana was also filled with fear and was cursed to be overcome with the feeling that there are bugs crawling under her skin (must roll percentile daily, if 50 or below, will scratch incessantly and cause scarring for that day). Eliana’s unborn child was also cursed with night terrors. These night terrors are so bad that the child will have a low constitution due to lack of sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Temerity was also effected by the fear curse. Once the three recovered from the fear, the battle continued. Temerity pulls out a sword and cuts off her own arm, she approaches Sonya’s dead body, pulls off the magical arm of Andor (the Solar) and put it on her own body. She then cried out for Andor. Andor came flying out of the arm and joined the battle. Andor and Eliana worked together to kill the dracolyches. Damcyan grabbed the God Slaying sword and attacked Nix repeatedly, but was not able to hit her. Temerity flew directly into Nix face and did her best to distract Nix, giving Damcyan an advantage when attacking her with the God Slaying sword. Goramere, after killing all of the death knights, grabbed Sonya’s body and disappeared. After helping Andor for some time, Eliana decided that she would go for the remaining beholders, that may still be providing Nix protection. She flew up high and attacked three beholders. In the mist of the battle Nix had fallen, Temerity and Damcyan continued to attack, to no avail. Nix rose to her spike like feet and attacked Damcyan with her sharp foot. He was impaled and died. Temerity grabbed the God Slaying sword and attacked, missing a few times but then was able to roll a natural 20 and plunged the God Slaying sword into the heart of Nix! Nix began to implode. Everything was being sucked into the implosion. All the remaining dracolyches and beholders, all went into Nix. Damcyan almost fell into to void but Eliana was able to grab hold of his lifeless body. Unfortunately, Temerity and the God Slaying sword were pulled into the imploding Goddess. Moments later Nix exploded, decorating the darkness with stars. Darkness surrounded Eliana and Damcyan. Andor came and placed his wings around Damcyan and Eliana for an hour, Eliana crying and mourning her dear friend, praying and begging for his resurrection.
Sonya awakens, to find Goramere standing over her and sweeting profusely. He told her that she had died in battle against Nix but he was able to bring her back. Sonya was eager to join the others in battle. Goramere informed her that they were just inside of a tower, of magical making, to hide them from the fray and that she just had to exit to door to return to the battle. Sonya opened the door to find it quiet. She could see figures down on the ground and darkness all around, stars in the distance. She approached the figures to see Eliana crying over Damcyan’s dead body and Andor protecting them in his wings. Eliana jumped to her feet when she saw Sonya, crying that she was alive. Goramere told Eliana how he was able to resurrect Sonya and that he may be able to help Damcyan but needed to rest first. He asked Eliana to keep Damcyans body cold with a chill spell and that he would rest a while. Everyone moved back into Goramere’s tower and rested, Eliana keeping Damcyan cold and ready for the hard work ahead. Goramere woke and began working on Damcyan. The ceremony took an hour, the party watched in aww. Goramere was able to resurrect Damcyan. The party decided it was best to go back to the Fay Wild as soon as possible. They thanked Andor for all of his help, they told him that they are at his services if he should ever need us. They said their goodbyes to Andor and then came together to be teleported to the Fay Wild. Eliana focusing on the Fay Wild, the party rose into the air. In moments they were back in the Fay Wild, Tomn standing before them. He said that the party did great work, that everything is different. He said that we killed a God and that Nix would be in limbo for a millennia or more. Eliana asked if all the curses placed upon by Nix had been removed. He eased her worries that all had been lifted upon the death of Nix and that the baby was healthy. Eliana returned the necklace to Tomn and they discussed the next step of their journey. The party must return to Mirros and deal with Adriana and restore Miros to its glory once more.

Decisions, Decisions

Sonja, Damcyan and Eliana were sitting in an alley way, healing and catching up with all that has happened. Temerity found the three and told them that it was of the upmost importance that they go now, out of the city and get the phylactery as far away from where they were as possible. They followed her quickly through the city and to the gates. There were four horses waiting for them. They rode the horses quickly, following Temerity weaving back and forth through the forest, until they came upon a clearing with stone pillars in a circle. Temerity told us that we were where we needed to be. She whistled and from behind one of the pillars they see Gormir the Narrator. Gormir told them that he felt that they should give him the phylactery to take to another realm of existence. He and Temerity both explained that the phylactery can not stay in this in this realm. Gormir told them that he would sacrifice himself and take the phylactery to the Fay Wild. Gormir would meet with Lemoril in the Fay Wild to place the phylactery in his safe keeping. The party discussed their options: go with Gormir and try to return to the time They came from (10 years prior) or if they should attack Adriana. While discussing these matters Gormir was playing his lute which bestowed upon all the party members a D12 to be added to one roll, they all feel euphoric. The discussion continued but before a decision could be made, they saw one of the storm giants running away from Mirros. Eliana saw her father, Agranak flying away from the fray. Eliana communicated with him, asking if he was ok. He replied that he was ok but as far as the battle was concerned, all was lost. Agranak had gathered all the people he could and was fleeing. Then moments later the ground began to shake. Shafts of light sprung up from the ground and the party was surrounded by these lights. Temerity told the party that the lights were Nyx’s clerics and that we needed to get out of here. Gormir started to play and enchanted tune and asked for the phylactery. Eliana gave it to him and he placed it inside his lute. As he continued the ritual he yelled for us to decide if we wanted to come to the Fay Wild or if we wanted to stay, in or out of the circle he cried. The party stayed in the circle and were all taken to the Fay Wild.

Straight away, they saw Lemoril, the Satyr, eating grapes and mushrooms. They all remember each other and talked for a bit. They all discussed the phylactery, Gormir handed it to Lemoril, who places it in his bag. Lemoril then lead the party to his encampment. As they approached, they saw many satyr’s eating, drinking, dancing and having a great time. They all sit down upon rocks and stumps and enjoy some food and drink. After a while, Lemoril explains to them that he would like them to meet someone special. He takes the party around to a different area to meet their leader, the great one, Tomn Gninix. They communicate with Tomn for some time, learning about each other. They discussed what they should do next. Tomn told them they could do whatever they wanted to do and in any time or place. He pulled our a very large hour glass and pulled a grain of sand from it, telling us that this would take us to anytime and any place they wanted to go. The party discussed at great length what they should do. At first Tomn was a bit arrogant and holier than thou, he didn’t seem to care for the members of the party very much. But as they communicated more, he learned that we had the bone of Axulor and realized that they were apart of the prophecy and then became more interested in helping us. Sonja asked if we would be able to fashion a sword out of this bone to help us to slay Adriana. Tomn told them that he could make this sword but only if each member of the party sacrificed a bone in their body to contribute to the sword and its power. He told them that this sword would be a bone sword of God slaying. During the discussions, one of the options was to go kill Nyx herself, instead of slaying Adriana, to go to the source of all this evil. If they sacrificed themselves, their bones, they would have the tool needed to rid the universe of this evil. The party agreed and everyone gave Tomn a bone. Sonya gave a rib (which affected her constitution, -3), Damcyan gave his index finger (which affected his dexterity, -4), Eliana gave her left index finger (which affected her dexterity, -2 and spells must be rolled for, if get one, magical surge), Gormir gave his index finger (which affected his ability to play music), and Temerity gave her horns (unknown effect). Tomn, possibly a demi-god) generated the sword magically and instantaneously, containing all of their bones and the bone of the axulor. The God slaying sword was born. The sword was bestowed upon Sonja!

Tomn spoke with Eliana and gave her a jewel of the Satyr that will teleport the party to where ever they want to go. He said to return the sword when we are finished killing Nix, it needs to stay safe with them, also, to please return the jewel he said that it has a mind of its own so don’t take too long. Tomn introduced them to Talfus, the druid satyr, who gave us healing potions and potions of regeneration. (Each party member got 5 healing potions and 1 regeneration potion, including Gormir and Temerity).

After all the details were figured out, it was time to relax. We ate, drank and spent time with this incredible race. Sonja learned some lessons about druidic ways and ended up having sex with Talfus. Eliana spent the evening learning the differences in her spells, since the loss of her finger. She then spent the rest of the evening with Tomn, they ended up having sex and Eliana became pregnant with The Great One’s child. A silver dragon, satyr, demigod.

They enjoyed their evening and plan to head out to kill Nyx very soon.

Awakening the Beast

Eliana is on board Sonya Uncles ship. There are 400 ships in the fleet. Sonya spent the evening speaking at great length with Einer Blacktooth about everything that has happened and what to expect upon their arrival in Mirros. They ate and drank together and finally Eliana decided to get some rest. She was given the captains quarters to sleep. After sleeping long and hard, she awoke to find it the middle of the night. She went out on the deck and could see that they were approaching Mirros. Eliana’s father, Agronak was flying close by. They spoke telepathically. She asked her father if he wanted to be apart of this battle. He agreed that this is where he was suppose to be. As we approached Mirros, I saw Helifax (that bastard) on his ship the Inferno, go by our ship. I asked Sonya’s uncle if he was apart of the fleet. He said that he was. I informed him of our problems with Helifax, but we agreed that pirates can be handy on your side, especially ones like Helifax that have so many connections. He was signaled to go ahead and tell the common people to vacate the area. Once this was done, we sailed in. The ships all settled in different locations throughout the area. The ship that Eliana was aboard, went just past and settled a bit south. She boarded a smaller boat with Blacktooth and a few other men, to enter the city. When they got on land, nobody was around. Everyone had cleared out, even the tavern was boarded up. They approached the south gate. As Eliana flew up high with her dragon wings, she could see that the whole land was being attached by Blacktooths men. All along the towers, creatures where being put to sleep by cleric magic. Eliana had a good view and could see about 30 guards coming their way. Blacktooth and his men attacked, Eliana casting great magic upon the guards. Eliana stayed out of range and attacked with magic. At one point she saw some major commotion coming from the castle. It looked as if Blacktooth had things handled, so Eliana decided to go see what was going on. As she approached the castle she could see a huge beast. She was not sure exactly what it was but it was very large and very dangerous. She could see that it looked like it was having problems. It vomited up a person and that person went flying hundreds of feet away. She tried attacking it several time with magic but all the spells seemed to not work, until she tried a hold monster spell. This worked and the very scary, large creature became paralyzed. She was pleased to find something that worked but was not able to fight this creature alone. So she decided to go back to Blacktooth and warn him of this hideous creature. As she was leaving the castle area, she saw her father flying towards the black dragon that was protecting the castle. A battle to ensue. She headed quickly back to Blacktooth, when she spotted Damcyan and a woman that resembled Adriana. She joined Damcyan and they attacked.
Sonya was with the creature Elohim, they had left him home (that was covered in artifacts from Sonya’s home land) and went back to the surface of the desert like plane. They were running through the desert, there was a bad dust storm. Elohim gave Sonya googles to block the sand from her eyes. The creature opened a safe space in the ground with magic, they went inside until it was safe to come out. When they were able to come out, Sonya could see a small town not too far away. They got there quickly. As they approached, they could hear the voices of 100,000 people cheering. Elohim guided Sonya to the arena like setting. They got to the edge of the cliff and Elohim gestured for Sonya to look down. When she looked down, she could see an enormous beast, she knew to be a Teraske, one of the most powerful creatures. She could see a red haired woman there, with maybe 1000 clerics with her. This mysterious red haired woman was in the middle of a ceremony of some sort. She placed the Tooth of Scorn into it’s mouth. The Claw of Chaos Trolls was placed on the creatures right wrist, his hand began to decay. They she placed a crow upon its head. Suddenly, a portal was opened beneath them all, the red woman, the 1000 clerics and the Teraske all disappeared into the portal. Elohim gestured to go into the portal. They both jumped!! Through the portal, Sonya and Elohim are in a castle and there is a big giant Teraske in front of them. Sonya tried to fight the beast but was swallowed whole! She attacked from the inside and gave him an upset stomach. The Teraske ended up puking out Sonya, projectile vomiting her across the city, to Mirror Bay. Luckily she landed safely in the water. When she gets her wits about her, she looks about and sees, presumedly her uncles ships all around. She swims to the nearest ship. She demands to come aboard, stating her name. The crew members are amazed that it is really Sonya, they invite her aboard. She has a couple drinks and asks to see her uncle immediately. They take her ashore. She found Damcyan straight away. Sonya joined the fight.
Damcyan is standing before Edrick, who is sitting quietly and eating cheese and bread. Damcyan reminds him that he had asked to be saved, how can I save you he asked. Edrick said that they needed to climb a mountain and get his eye sight back. Damcyan agreed and they were on their way. The climb was difficult, especially when trying to guide a blind man up a very steep, dangerous cliff. They almost fell but were able to recover. They climbed until they came upon a large nest. The nest housed a Roc sized raven in it. Edrick told Damcyan that the eye of odin was in the belly of this raven and that he would have to kill it and retrieve the eye for him to regain his sight. Damcyan fought the raven, after much fight he killed the raven. He then cut into the temporarily dead raven, it was tough. He worked very hard at it and was able to pull the eye out of the belly just as its heart started to beat again. Damcyan gave the eye to Edrick, he pushed it into his own empty eye sockets. He could see!! They moved quickly and got out of there. They continued to climb upwards. When they arrived at the top, Edrick explained that they would need help for this fight. He called to the giants! A very large giant came forward out of nowhere. Damcyan communicated with the giant, others emerged. Damcyan conveyed our need of their help. At first they had no interest but as they learned more and Damcyan convinced him with his well spoken words, the giants decided to vote on the matter. The first voted against, we should stay on our mountain. But the second said that he felt they should help, what good is their mountain if every thing below was gone. Damcyan told them that the darkness was everywhere, what was to stop it from coming here. They agreed to join the fight. They all rose into the air, there were clouds everywhere and Damcyan and Edrick could not see where they were. Before long, Damcyan could see Mirros below them. They landed within the city and the giants began to join the fight. Damcyan then came across a red haired woman with clerics with her, as he approached, he saw that it was Adriana. Adriana thanked Damcyan for bringing her father, King Stephan and she gestured to Edrick!! Edrick is King Stephan!! Adriana took King Stephan (Edrick) and left. Damcyan, Eliana and Sonya are all together again. They found a small alcove to heal up from the fighting and to communicate about all that has happened.

Travels to Blacktooth's ships/Damcyan finds his own way
Sand-witch and Necropolis

Damcyan was headed back to the thieves tavern after encountering the metal spider, which turned out to be the Rogue patron God, Korotiku. When he arrived, there was a barkeep there cleaning up all the rubble and taking care of the dead bodies. Damcyan spoke with him and was informed that FlameFlicker and his comrades could be down by the docks. Damcyan went to the docks, looking for us but nothing. He went back to the tunnels/thieves tavern and the tunnels started falling all around him. He was stuck because the exit was blocked by rubble. He was attacked by several bug like creatures. He cast sleep and he got out of there. He was poisoned by one and was vomiting. He got out of the tunnels and went to “The Kraken” the notorious tavern on the docks, he heard people talking about the Emirates invading the Empire of Thiatus. He then went out on the streets and saw Gormir The Narrator, but first before approaching him Damcyan lightened the load of a sea Captain taking his fat purse. He then after approaching Gormir revealed his true self. Gormier took Damcyan through a secret door in the wall and up a ladder to a safe house where they could speak and he could rest.

Damcyan and Gormir spoke at great length about everything that had happened. He was told by Gormir that most everyone is dead or have bent their knee and he was planning to leave and travel to Galantri. Damcyan surmised that we could all very well be dead and decided to go to Necropolis to save Edric. Damcyan knew that in the temple of Nyx, in that room behind the alter, there could be a portal. He stayed over night and got rest at the safe-house. After waking in the morning and eating he said his goodbyes to Gormir, who was now setting off for Galantri. Damcyan headed out and went to the temple of Nyx. He disguised himself as a cleric and charmed another cleric. He spoke with him and he was more than willing to give him information. The cleric told Damcyan that there was indeed a portal in that room and that it would take people to many places. He asked if it would take him to Necropolis and he said yes. They walked back in the room together. The cleric showed him a chest with different attunement crystals. He choose the crystal for Necropolis and they went through the portal. Once through the portal, the charm spell was dispelled and was alarmed of where he was and who Damcyan was The cleric, not convinced with Damcyans attempts to convince him of why they were there. The cleric went to go back through the portal and Damcyan cut his throat. Because no one dies in Necropolis, he came back to life, saying the same thing, where am I, who are you. Damcyan stabbed him, then hid and recast a charm spell. Once charmed the cleric was happy to stay back at the portal and protect it, while Damcyan did what he came to do. He made his way to the boat on the River of Blood. The Cleric with No Name was there, he took Damcyan right to Edric’s door. Damcyan walked into the hut, Edric was there, eating bread and cheese. They started to speak about Damcyan coming back to save him and acknowledged it had been 1000 years, you finally made it back.

Sonya and Eliana are flying towards King Einar Blacktooth’s ships. We flew for 7 hours and were starting to feel tired. Eliana, in the past, has had many vision of a desert witch attacking her. She had a dreadful feeling and then in an instant the desert witch appeared, hastily approached and attacked! Eliana casts a spell, that is countered and does not effect the “sand-witch”. As soon as Eliana casts, the Polymorph spell dispels and Sonja turns back into herself, on Eliana’s back. They do their best to battle with the Sand-witch. The witch put us in a very heavy cage and we started plummeting down to the water. Sonja throws a javelin that is poisoned with a paralyzation salve. Eliana polymorphed into a bee and got out of the cage, but was thrown a bit. Sonja tried to get out of the cage. Eliana returned to her normal form and sprouted her dragon wings. Sonja broke through the cage and Eliana polymorphed her into a bird. As we were flying away, we saw that the Sand-witch was falling into the water, she was paralyzed. Both Sonja and Eliana flew at very fast speed, directed to the location that the witch entered the water. We slowed as we approached the water and went under, Eliana’s wings retracted and Sonja returns to her human form. We go under the water to see a Kracken. We recognize that it is an illusion spell. Sonja sees the witch, they swim towards her. When Sonja gets close, the witches face is exposed and she has two large fangs in the front. She attacked Sonja and starts to drag her away, deeper in the water. Eliana polymorphs Sonja into an octopus, so that she can breath, even deep in the water. Eliana swims up to the surface, so that she can breath. She opens the magical, pocket sized boat, and gets in it all the while concentrating on the polymorph spell she cast upon Sonja that turned her into an octopus. Sonja struggles, tries repeatedly to get away but to no avail. They leagues deep, about a mile down, and come upon some ruins. There is a portal shaped stone, and The Sand-witch takes a sword and places it on one side and then another sword placed in the other side. She has Sonja with her the whole time. The portal lights up blue and the Sand-witch pulls Sonya through the portal. Eliana, being on the surface, meditating in the boat for the polymorph spell to continue to work, feels a change. Eliana lost Sonja’s energy, her life force. She could be dead or in another dimension or possibly a portal. Eliana decides to continue to do what we came to do and she sprouts her dragon wings, she gets a vantage and makes a mental map of where she last saw Sonja (when trying to recall the location, she needs to roll a 17 or more to find it, 20 sider plus intelligence) and flies for 7 hours towards King Einar’s ships. At this point, she is feeling very exhausted and decides to find a deserted island and sleep in a tree. When she wakes, she finds her father Agranak, the silver dragon, was sleeping below her on the ground, under the tree. She speaks to her father, explaining what has happened: That Sonja was taken into the sea by the Sand-witch but the desert is her natural habitat, not the sea, though she swam very well. He told her that Sonya was likely very far away. He asked how he could help her, she said to take her to Sonja’s uncles ships. He agreed and she road on his back to the ships. As they approached, Eliana saw what looked like 400 ships!! They circled close to the ships, Eliana thanked her father and flew down to the head ship in front. She saw Temerity in the crows nest up high. They embraced and spoke of all that had happened. Temerity then took Eliana to meet Sonja’s uncle, King Einar. At first King Einar appeared upset with Eliana for leaving Sonja behind, but after some conversation, they drank together and discussed the many tales the group had experienced. They discussed the lay of the land at Mirros and the armies of guards and death knights their and they talked of the black dragon above the castle. He told her that the Darokins are going to be fighting with his men. The Emerites are with Adrianna, they over took Tyiatus, now could possibly be heading to Karmekos and then onto world world domination. He assured Eliana that we would find her friends.

Cut to Sonja
Through the portal deep in the ocean, Sonja finds herself in a desert wasteland. She is able to manhandle, or womanhandle, the Sand-witch, cuts off her fingers, ties her up and puts her in a hole, with just her head above ground. He places a javelin through the bottom of her jaw through her tongue so she can not speak or cast spells. Sonja is getting ready to… all of a sudden several giant scorpions, that are 40 feet tall, begin coming out of the ground. Sonja cuts off the Sane-witches head, the scorpions persist. Sonja runs! She gets back to the portal but knows only death lies on the other side, but then hears a voice. A creature appears and offers to help Sonja. He takes her underground to a safe place. After the danger is gone, they speak as best they can, mostly through body language. The creatures name was Elohem. He had many artifacts from Sonja’s homeland, all around his living space. They communicated that Sonja was indeed from that region and they bonded. When Elohem saw Sonja’s bear ring, he became very excited and bestowed upon her a head dress that looked like a bear. When Sonja put on the headdress, she felt an energy come upon her, it was very powerful. As they communicated, they looked at maps and Sonja was able to convey that she needed to return to our whereabouts. He motioned for Sonja to follow him and he took her back up to the desert. They traveled around the desert together, heading to an unknown destination.

Learning of Blacktooth

Within the underground thieves tavern, the party rested after a great fight. Upon waking they spoke at great length of their plans. In conversation, it was discussed that there are many people in the city, slaves in particular that are not bowing a knee to Adriana. They are just doing what they must to survive. It was decided to build an army to fight Adriana and her army of guards and death knights. Damcyan and Eliana went up top to check out the city. Eliana flew up high and Damcyan was invisible and stealthy and moved about the city. Eliana checked out the city and the castle. She saw many guards and death knights all over but especially by Mirror Bay and the castle. The castle had what looked like 1000 guards, shoulder to shoulder inside the gates, and they were on every tower. There was also a very large black dragon flying above the castle. Eliana turned invisible and flew away. Damcyan went to the temple of Nix, which use to be the Church of Karmikos. Eliana messaged Damcyan and told him to give her a signal of were he was located. He casted a spell, dancing lights and placed them high in the sky so that she could see them and no one else could. Eliana landed on his shoulder, both of them invisible. They went into the temple of Nix, there was an alter, with several clerics and Nix followers in front of the alter. They went to the door. Dantean cast a spell of illusion and placed an image of the door in front of it, giving them space in between the illusion and the actual door. He picked the lock beautifully with a natural 20!! No one in the area was aware of their presence. They entered the room, which was full of red light, that looked like it was reflecting through water. There was a large basin with water in it on the floor and pillars on each side. There was also a 17 foot statue with an amazing chest in front of it. Damcyan felt compelled to check out the chest. Eliana changed back into her human form and tried to dispel magic, and all her magic points were taken. Damcyan got sucked into the chest. Eliana was then alone in this room, and moments later a man entered the room and confronted her. Eliana, knowing there was no other choice, sprouted her dragon wings and flew out of there. Everyone in the temple saw her and gasped, but she continued and flew high into the sky.
Meanwhile, Sonya stayed behind in the thieves tavern with Flame Flicker. The two of them, along with Tameritie disguised themselves as slaves and went up top to the city to find more information in a tavern. While in the tavern, Sonya over heard some men talking about her uncle. She approached them, they spoke briefly and then the man escorted her upstairs to the mans business office. Sonya was informed that her uncle, Einer Blacktooth was coming to help from the north with 100 ships. They were interrupted by a guard at the door. Sonya acted like a working slave, she served them drinks and then made her way outside as quickly as possible. Sonya, Flame Flicker and Tameritie went back into the tunnels and back to the thieves tavern. When they arrived they could hear commotion, as they looked through the small window on the door, they could see 15 death knights inside the thieves tavern. They left straight away, but not as quietly as they had hoped and the death knights began to follow them. Sonya left behind some caltrops to cause the death knights some damage but also made a trail to lead them in the wrong direction. They came back out of the tunnels and went to a tavern. Eliana, while flying back from the temple of Nix, rolled a natural 20 on perception and spotted Sonya outside the tavern. Eliana used a message spell and informed Sonya of all that had occurred with Damcyan in the red room and all she learned when flying above the city. Eliana told Sonya to give her a sign that she received the information and to contact her before leaving the area, she was going to fly up to the top of a tree and rest. Sonya gave a thumbs up! While Eliana slept in a nearby tree, Sonya, Flame Flicker and Tameritie discussed sending Tameritie, who could fly, to get a message to Sonya’s uncle, telling him we were coming his way (Eliana would fly and polymorph Sonya into a bird) and would fill him in on all needed information and then we could make a plan together. Tameritie took a very well written letter from Sonya, (that didn’t give any information but told the uncle exactly what he needed to know) along with Sonya’s frame drum and set off for Sonya’s uncles ships. Flame Flicker agreed to stay behind and to continue to work on building a slave army. Flame Flicker gave Sonya a special necklace that will allow them to communicate, for Sonya to be able to find her again. They said their goodbyes and Sonya climbed the tree that held a sleeping Eliana and they both slept. When they woke, they discussed all of the information that had been learned and the plan at hand. They prepared themselves and then set off to Blacktooths ships, Eliana with her dragon wings and Sonya, polymorphed into a bird.
Damcyan, inside the chest in the red room, was faced with Nix herself! She tried very diligently to convince him to join her. She promised him the world but her refused her. She crippled his hand and foot permanently, which will very much affect his life as a thief. She disappeared and Damcyan was back inside the chest. He was able to open it and get out of the temple unseen. He returned to the tunnels. While on his way, he came across a metal spider. He knew it to be Corotecco the Rough God. The spider webbed Damcyans deformed hand and foot, bestowing him with great ability. Damcyan doesn’t know that everyone else, besides Flame Flicker, has left to Blacktooths ships. He is headed for the thieves tavern in search of his party.


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